White paper: Utilizing live data to generate buyer, interest and ranking groups for patron targeted marketing

Marketing of your performing arts events and organization is no longer one size fits all.  To increase patron loyalty and to trigger the best possible sales results you must segment and tailor your messages to your specific sub-sets of patrons based on their buying patterns, areas of interest and level of support.

Live data will help you to test and market your events more effectively and efficiently.  Organized clearly and efficiently for you in the Arts People system, leverage our easy to use marketing interface to quickly pull, merge and segment your patrons.

Out of these efforts will be increased sales, heightened patron loyalty, and statistics that you can use toward sponsorship and grant writing success.

Download our free white paper with detailed instructions on how to create patron groupings to which your messaging can be tailored, tested, honed and executed.


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Patrick Spike - Marketing Director of Arts PeoplePatrick Spike is the Marketing Director, system expert, and one of the original architects of the Arts People software system, with over 30 years in performing arts creation and administration. His work with clients has helped them to increase their revenue while streamlining their box office and back office operations. www.patrickspike.com

Arts People, software for the performing arts, serves theatres, music and dance groups, choirs and opera, high school, college and university programs, performing arts center facilities and more.


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