Affordable ticketing with amazing possibilities!

Arts People integrates your online and box office ticketing with must-have features like CRM database tracking, fundraising, marketing and reporting, and we do it with a level of flexibility few systems available to the arts can match. When they come close, they are too expensive to be practical. We keep our pricing affordable and powerful. The days of paying too much for your unified ticketing system are over.  Contact us with any questions.

Some of our ticketing-specific features include: subscriptions, passes, and adding a donation or retail item (including meals) to an order. We also feature extraordinary flexibility of your ticket pricing due to our unique pricing engine, customizable e-ticket and integration with many in-house printers. All features available at the box office can also be accessed online by patrons at home, including exchanges, subscriptions, gift certificate redemption, pass redemption and more. This module can be used creatively to sell all sorts of things!