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Arts People
  • Music

    Symphonies, Orchestras, and Music Presenters make great use of our highly flexible venue pricing sections and membership tools. Very few systems can match our pricing features, and if they can, they are too expensive to be practical!
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  • Theatre

    Community Theaters, Professional Theatres, Children's Theater, Shakespeare, Fringe Festival, Performing Arts Centers...each type of organzation has a communication style with their patrons and community. What's yours? Read More!

  • Arts Programs

    From University, College, and High School Performing Arts programs to all volunteer Parent Booster clubs, and the sold out annual recital. We have the tools needed to support arts education within the realities of funding a program. Read More!

  • Film Festivals

    Setup satellite box offices anywhere, anytime.  Have laptop, will travel. Multiple points of sale sharing same inventory - web, dedicated box office, satellite box offices, mobile box offices all updating inventory in real time.
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  • Voice

    We work with Opera Houses, Choirs, and Choral Groups. The fundraising and membership features enable organizations to connect with patrons with care. Our Client Support staff is available to support your staff and volunteers!
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  • Dance

    The art of movement! We work with Ballet Companies, Dance Presenters, and small and mid-size Seasonal Dance Groups. Many also offer classes. Included in each account is our beta version of a Class Enrollment system. Read More!

A system that gets you!

Sell tickets with the flexibility to price, discount, and integrate with your operation.



Sell single tickets, subscriptions, passes, add-on items, retail, Delivery method options.


Create targeted & segmented communication to your ticket buyers and donors with direct mail & email integrated with Mail Chimp & Constant Contact.


Customer Service

Full service phone and help desk support, or self service with help files and forums. All service is included at no extra charge.

If this were the customer service Olympics, these folks would see only gold. 




Amazing rules-based pricing tools, highly configurable venue setup, orphan seating protection, website matching.  


Link people and organizations together, complete transaction history, fantastic batching tools on par with the heavy hitters in data management. 


So much more!

Read more about our features, get in touch for full pricing and to see our system in action.
Get to know us!

Our product and company

Arts People provides affordable, supported software to performing arts organizations across the US and Canada. Our product and company exist to help organizations work efficiently and achieve sustainability.

We believe the arts have a profoundly postive effect on our world. We are grateful to be able to see it everyday in our work with organizations bringing art to their communities.  

We use our social media channels and our internal forum to share information about our product, our company, and the community of Arts People users. We love exploring the intersection of art, culture and technology and welcome you to join us. 

Arts People was called Ticket Turtle until June of 2013. We didn't change ownership or focus, just needed a name without the word "turtle" in it that conveyed who we really are. We are based in Portland, Oregon. 




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