Why it’s important to work with a ticketing company that focuses on the performing arts

Arts People consults. No hard sell tactics.These days there are so many companies out there with software systems for ticketing your events.  We hear all the time from our clients and those considering us how they are hounded by these companies to try to draw them to their system, away from another.  Hard sell tactics, filling your inbox and mailbox with offers, they all will claim to know your industry, but most are working hard to gain as many clients of completely different types as they can for sheer profit.

Do performing arts = sporting events?

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Ask yourself this… How does a performing arts event match up to a sporting event, or a museum experience, or a night club, or anything else for that matter? Many systems are generalists in the industry. Arts People is a specialist toward the performing arts. Arts patrons generally don’t consider themselves “fans.” The patrons who frequent the performing arts have a specific sensibility, types of interests, and a kind of loyalty to the arts that is different from the rest. Functionally, performances begin at set times unlike many other types of events.  Touring shows come in and leave soon after, and are not working to build a long term audience.  Also, the fundraising efforts and marketing communications you will tailor to your patrons either don’t exist in those other realms, or will be extremely different.

So while a company may want to tell you that ticketing is all the same, we know that’s just not true. We hear over and over how an organization was told that their new system can accomplish all their goals, only to discover later that the facts were distorted. Here at Arts People, we’re honest with you. We’ll tell you when we’re a strong fit, or if we’re not.  Our commitment is to the success of the arts first, knowing that your success will ultimately be our success too.

Unique needs

What is it that separates the performing arts from other industries and different ticketing efforts? The performing arts span single ticket sales to complex subscription packages and flex passes. They utilize fluid and targeted special offers, add-on meal selections or retail items and fundraising efforts that inspire your patrons support and confidence. Clear reporting that is efficient and easy to use, marketing communications that garner trust from your patrons, and also, staff time saved and frustrations averted; these all play into your Opening Gala picturesuccess. This is the world of performing arts: ticketing, fundraising, patron management, volunteer coordination, class enrollment, marketing.

Ultimately too, patrons ideally move up the ladder from single ticket buyer to subscriber to donor to major donor and advocate. Your system must support that effort. The Arts People system is designed to accomplish all these goals with ease. We work hand in hand with our clients on a first name basis, partnering in your success and growth.  What system trying to accomplish every industry’s ticketing need can say that?

Additionally, when your software provider is developing new features or refining and enhancing existing ones, are they considering the very unique needs of performing arts, or are sporting venues and museums their primary concern?  At Arts People we listen to our clients every day and monitor the industry trends for new methods to achieve the goals of our specific industry.

How Arts People is different

Arts People is one of the longest standing and most successful systems specific to the performing arts. Founded in 2003, we’ve been built upon a growth trajectory that has been cautious and conservative instead of laden with venture capital and risk. We answer to our clients, instead of to any outside investors, of which we have none.  Neither are we targeting a large corporate buyer. These are clear red flags of a company’s unstable future. Instead we have no long term contracts. We work hard to keep our clients happy. We hire staff from the arena of our clients, bringing the wealth of experience and know how of arts administration professionals into our team. The system was built hand in hand with a local children’s theatre client, rising from the ground up with the performing arts unique needs in mind, while also understanding clearly the variations of strategies used by different organizations. We’re flexible, so you can achieve your goals, build your patron base and loyalty, increase your sales, fill your audiences and foster happy smiling patrons as they arrive at the show, as well as when they stand and applaud. In short, we work to help arts organizations grow.

Friendly and helpful

Oh and by the way… Arts People doesn’t believe in heavy handed pitches, empty promises, or low ball offers to try to get you to sign, only to increase your rates heavily soon thereafter. We work with you as a consultant, helping you to determine, based on your needs and business model, if we will be the right choice for your organization.  If we’re not, we’ll tell you, and we’ll even help direct you to a different company that might be what you’re looking for. We want to earn your trust. We want to help you to thrive. We believe wholeheartedly in the benefit and need of arts in our communities. We work to support the arts in every way we can. This is our commitment to the world.

Unfortunately we sometimes have organizations come to us after some company that wooed them failed to deliver what they needed, folded after only a couple years on the market, or simply didn’t provide good customer service. We’re happy when we can resolve their issues and get them back on track fast. We welcome back clients who may have left for some lofty claim from some other company, but were disappointed after changing. We are thrilled to say that we have some of the most loyal clients in the industry, and we work hard to keep them happy!

David Rice - Exec. Dir. First Folio TheatreFirst Folio has been with you since 2005, if I remember correctly. As you can imagine, I am constantly getting other ticketing services contacting me to ask if they can take over the ticketing, provide us better service, etc. I always respond that I have been and will remain with Arts People because of the superior service that your company gives us.  Just wanted you to know that.

David M. Rice - Executive Director, First Folio Theatre

Choosing a new system to meet your needs is incredibly important. The functionality of the system as well as the customer service provided will have a powerful impact on your success and growth. We want to make sure that you are able make an informed choice, and the best choice for your organization.

We hope you’ll let us show you how we can meet your specific needs, and just how different we are.  Isn’t it worth a bit of your time?

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