AACT Town Hall: Community Theatres come together

AACT American Association of Community TheatreLast Saturday I attended the AACT (American Association of Community Theatres) Town Hall held here in Portland.  Arts People has been a sponsor of a number of AACT events over the years and we consider ourselves a partner to them as well as a deep connection to community theatres all over the country and in Canada.  The Arts People system has always been a great fit for these organizations who have big goals and complex needs, but often small staffs with little time to accomplish tasks.

It was great to hear these groups sharing so openly their stories of successes and challenges so that other organizations might benefit from their experiences.  The performing arts are a small voice in our culture, it seems, struggling to be heard, to find support, to advocate for the importance of what they do, and to even survive.  I’ve unfortunately seen this struggle too often divide organizations and individuals from each other in what can often be seen as a competitive atmosphere, instead of supporting and uplifting each other. This discussion was clearly the opposite.  With AACT bringing together these organizations toward sharing (and it was a great turnout), they can glean valuable insight into how different organizations are benefitting from presenting different types of programs such as staged readings, educational offerings, new types of social marketing and more.

The meeting was held just down the street from our Arts People offices at Twilight Theatre, one of our clients.  I was able to introduce myself and see a number of our clients in attendance, which is always a pleasure.  Arts People was founded on a goal of working with and assisting performing arts organizations to succeed and thrive.  We’ve worked very hard over the years to maintain close relationships with our clients on a first name basis, so whenever we get the chance to get face to face we take it.  To see the generous sharing going on at this meeting was a complete pleasure.

I started my own career in theatre in high school, and then went immediately to community theatre. I learned SO much from performing, directing, and design, to what it means to serve on a board of directors, what level of professionalism in the work I came to expect in myself and others, and how I wanted to work in the creation of theatre, including my own personal style and voice.  It is a place for joy, creativity, learning, sharing, collaboration, teamwork, accomplishment and self worth.  I’ve carried all that experience and knowledge forward into my work in professional theatres and sometimes returned to guest direct in community theatres I have a connection with.

Thank  you AACT for all you do to bring these theatres together in meetings like this, to the theatres who generously share their knowledge and experiences to help others, and to the individuals who keep these organizations alive in your communities.

Patrick Spike - Marketing Director of Arts People

Patrick Spike is the Theatre Community Liaison, system expert, and one of the original architects of the Arts People software system, with over 30 years in performing arts creation and administration. www.patrickspike.com



SETC 2018 Conference – Congratulations and Thanks

Arts People representatives Marc Ross and Jon Bailey recently attendedSETC Southeastern Theatre Conference the SETC (Southeastern Theatre Conference) in Mobile, AL.  They met theatre lovers and creators from high school to adults, shared in the camaraderie of support held by all as participants performed, competed, auditioned, shared and explored.

“We’ve always had a great affinity for the SETC and the great people of the organization and the groups that attend” said Marc Ross, Sales Manager.  “Meeting our clients, consulting with groups to see if we might be of help to them, and joining in the fun had by all, Arts People is proud to be a supporting part of the event each year.”

We want to congratulate all those that were honored at the event.

We also are proud to share the three winners of our daily drawing for $100 donations to their organization:

These very worthy organizations are doing great work in theatre and we’re very happy to support them.

Thank you to SETC and all those who stopped by our booth to say hello or chat about their needs.

Your performances – gifts for your business partner’s employees

It’s the giving season again, and there’s another way your business partners and sponsor organizations can support you!

Gift Certificates, and gift passes!

Talk to those businesses and organizations who already support you and share with them a great way to provide a holiday bonus gift to their employees… the gift of an experience with their spouse or entire family.

The organization can purchase gift certificates in any amount they wish to give to each employee.  The employee can then use that amount toward any ticket purchase of their choice of show or event that you offer.

Passes can work similarly, if you have a pass that’s valid for the remaining shows of your season.  The organization can purchase them in any quantity to provide tickets to their choice of upcoming shows.

The financial purchase helps support your organization, AND it may result in more people discovering your organization to come back in the future as a loyal patron.  Once you have a number of organizations are on board, then you can promote it to other businesses that you’ve been hoping to connect with, telling them of other businesses that are taking advantage already.

The Arts People system offers both gift certificate and pass functionality where any unredeemed portion remains in the system to be used later. It makes it tremendously easy for the person to use and enjoy their gift.

The holidays are not just about giving, but also about support, encouragement, joy.  These gift options help to foster all three.  Give it a try!

Press Release: Alex Blouin joins our Client Services Team

Alex shares her deep knowledge of arts administration from north California

Dateline: Portland, OR

Alex Blouin headshotThe Arts People software company welcomes Alex Blouin to their Client Services team. Alex will assist clients remotely from her north California location and brings with her a wealth of knowledge and abilities in theatre administration, having been a performer, box office agent, director, marketing coordinator and more.

Alex is a graduate of Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theatre in Blue Lake CA, where she studied Clown, movement, dance, melodrama and Commedia Dell’Arte. She has since performed across the country, including New York, Philadelphia, Kansas City, Seattle, Baltimore, and Washington DC. Her favorite role to date is Emilie du Châtelet…

Download full release in PDF format



Press Release: Tim Curtis joins the Client Services Team

As a client, Tim Curtis joins us from Riverfront Playhouse

Dateline: Portland, OR

Tim Curtis“I have been with the Riverfront Playhouse since 2007 when I answered an email looking for Males to play zombies in the premiere of Night of the Living Dead – The Musical. The email stated no lines just a lot of moaning and groaning, the show opens Friday! I thought this is perfect for me. They lied, there was a song.”

As has become a common theme for many Arts People Client Services team members, Tim joins having been a client and already an advanced user of the system. With the knowledge he brings having used the system for years, Tim’s path to “fluency” as a client services support provider is much shorter than if he had to learn the system from scratch. Client Services Manager Russ Gage mentions, “Additionally, he knows the challenges that our clients face intimately, having worked directly with patrons and interfacing with the system…


Press Release: James Dixon joins the Client Services Team

James Dixon, Portland Actor, Director, Radio host and Social Justice worker joins the Arts People Client Services Team

Dateline: Portland, OR – Sept 11, 2017

James DixonJames Dixon has joined the Arts People Client Services team, bringing a variety of experiences with him in performance, directing, radio and social justice work. James is a radio host for KBOO in Portland, hosting their Stage and Studio program, is a co-producing company member with Theatre Vertigo and a stage director. On the social justice side, he is an intersectional equity facilitator with a primary focus on LGBTQ, gender, race, and sex positive issues in various social and arts communities.

James says, “After leaving my full time position at Portland Center Stage a year ago I made a firm decision of what my purpose was in the arts community at large… I love challenging work that doesn’t necessarily attempt to change the world, but sparks conversations and gives people something to chew on when they leave the theater.”

When asked about his interest in applying for this position, he explained…

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Arts People stands with Dreamers

Arts People stands with Dreamers

It is our work at Arts People to help our curious, creative, artistic clients to share the stories and voices of our diverse communities.  It is through their sharing that we all can grow, laugh, love, cry, appreciate and learn from our varied histories.  While we can never fully understand someone else’s experience or struggles, we can relate to them, empathize with them, and be thankful for their sharing.

As we struggle in this current time in our nation’s latest challenges, we believe that the programs such as DACA are vitally important to the heart of who we are, as they have always been.  These programs enable immigrants to follow in the footsteps of so many of the rest of us who are descendants of immigrants, and who wish to join us in our grand vision of the future.  That future is built in love, celebrating our diversity, learning from each other, making our nation, or society, our communities stronger and richer.  For this to happen, we must respect each other.  We must retain perspective built on the past with an eye to a more positive future.

Arts People welcomes everyone.


Press Release: Patrick Spike takes over new role as Marketing Director

Patrick Spike - Marketing Director for Arts PeopleFormerly Product Manager, Spike hopes to work magic again in his new position

Dateline: Portland, OR – March 21, 2017

Patrick Spike, most recently Product Manager and all around system expert for Arts People, has now moved into the roll of Marketing Director for the company as other staff members move up the ranks as well. Creating a new department, he hopes to continue his trend of establishing processes and practices for the company in an area that has previously been non-existent.

The company has relied for the past 11+ years on direct contact sales to communicate its mission of performing arts support and to sell its arts specific software system and renowned client support. Marketing and related communications have not been an area that has garnered much attention. “We really have focused on our client referrals, and our amazing sales team’s consultant style approach to reach out to arts organizations and show…

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Arts People #supportthearts

Winners of six donations from Arts People!

At recent TCG (Theatre Communications Group) and AACT (American Association of Community Theatres) conferences where Arts People was a sponsor and had a booth in the exhibit hall, we had our enter to win box out collecting entries to win $100 donations. Lots of visitors to the booth took advantage of the opportunity!

The following organizations are the lucky winners!  Each will be receiving a $100 donation to their organization to support the great work they do in the arts scene within their community.


From the TCG “Full Circle” conference, held recently in Portland, OR – #TCG1TCG Conference 2017 Portland OR

From the AACT AACTfest conference, held in Rochester, MN – #AACTfest17 #AACTfest2017

AACTfest 2017 conference, Rochester MN

Congratulations winners!  It was great to meet and chat with so many theatres, related organizations and other vendors present at these events. We were also thrilled to be able to demonstrate our system to those interested in a complete software package with ticketing, fundraising, marketing, reporting, CRM and more, all designed specifically for the performing arts.

Arts People system is powerful, yet easy to use.  Built by and for performing arts administrative staff, we understand the needs of these unique organizations. They often have a small team doing a number of jobs. Their system needs to be powerful, yet simple and efficient enough to get the job done quickly.  Also, customer support is key their success, which is why our client services reps know our clients on a first name basis and often assist them in setting up new shows, new pricing, even changing out the design of the pages to match their new website.  Our support is second to none.  For any organizations that attended these events, we have special pricing available for TCG or AACT members. Visit one of the pages below for more information and also free white paper downloads on topics of interest to organizations just like you.


Arts People to show off its performing arts specific tools at the upcoming AACT conference

AACT, the American Association of Community Theatres will be holding it’s AACTfest conference in Rochester, MN next week, and once again Arts People will be front and center as a sponsor and exhibitor at the event. Running June 26 – July 1, the festival “is the culmination of a two-year cycle of state and regional theatre AACT festivals across the country–with 12 community theatre productions, a theatre management conference, a youth leadership conference and youth festival, educational workshops, top vendor displays, the design exhibition and competition, a new monologue competition, social events, sightseeing and networking opportunities, all ending with a festival awards presentation,” says AACT.

“AACT has always been a perfect fit for Arts People to be a part of.” Says Arts People’s Director of Sales Marc Ross.  “This is an organization dedicated to the nurturing of arts groups all across the country who can greatly benefit from an integrated system such as ours.  With ticketing, fundraising, marketing all built in, Arts People can help these organizations to enhance their customer service, generate more revenue, and foster relationships with their loyal patrons and donors.”

We’re excited to support this festival and organization, and to meet with current and future clients!  We’ll be giving 30 minute no-pressure demonstrations of the system at our booth, and in fact people can visit www.arts-people.com/aact now to schedule their appointment ahead of time. Additionally, free white paper downloads are available on the page as well for help with social media communications, season renewal campaigns and more.

The future of the arts in our country is in the passion of individuals who make up organizations like those participating in the AACT.  It is our goal to help these organizations to thrive.  We hope attendees will stop by our booth and say hello!  Have a great conference all!

For more information on AACTfest 2017, visit https://www.aact.org/aactfest-2017-national-festival.