Caren White - QA Tester

Caren White Moves to Our QA Team

Caren White - QA TesterAnother Arts People staff member will be changing role within the company. Caren White, who has been part of our Admin team for the past year and a half, is now moving into our newly formalized Quality Assurance team as QA Tester. Her attention to detail and quickly expanding knowledge of the system will be a great asset in this new position.

“As the Admin Assistant, I worked primarily on accounting related Caren White - QA Testeritems, but with this move, I get to learn every facet of the system which is really exciting for me.”

Caren’s former positions are diverse, to say the least, surely giving her a broad perspective that we value here at Arts People. “I’ve held positions in many completely different fields before coming to Arts People! For example, I have been a Creative Writing Lecturer at a university, a Logistics Coordinator for a brewery, and a Makeup Artist for a beauty brand. My specialty though has always been in creative/technical writing and communication. I hold a BA in English with a concentration in Professional Writing and a MA in Creative Writing with a concentration in Poetry.”

Caren White Art WorkCaren also has some very intriguing creative pursuits. “In my free time, I love to create embroidery and cross-stitch works from my own patterns. This form of needle work has such a long history of being delicate, feminine, and polite, but I like to create subversive patterns that push the work out of such outdated parameters. My future goal is to create a shop for my work where all the proceeds will end up back Care White - Art Workinto that community through various organizations. I want to use a medium that perhaps used to be considered simply a way for women to pass idle time and turn it into art and activism.” Some samples of her work are attached. “The Christmas ornaments are actually from this last Christmas. I actually sold a bunch of them and donated to the ACLU.”

Thanks Caren! Congratulations on the new position and we look forward to all you create.

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