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White paper: Utilizing live data to generate buyer, interest and ranking groups for patron targeted marketing

Marketing of your performing arts events and organization is no longer one size fits all.  To increase patron loyalty and to trigger the best possible sales results you must segment and tailor your messages to your specific sub-sets of patrons based on their buying patterns, areas of interest and level of support. Live data will […]

White paper: A well planned Season Announcement event can boost your subscription base

If you’re not executing a well planned and strategic season announcements event as part of your yearly marketing cycle, you’re losing an enormous opportunity to build your subscription base and generate much needed income to fund your upcoming season. If you ARE holding an announcement event, there may be ways you can increase its effectiveness […]

White paper: Facebook for Arts Organizations – Strategies for success & common mistakes to avoid

Arts People Marketing Director Patrick Spike, with over 25 years experience in performing arts marketing and administration, walks you through the best practices and strategies of using Facebook to build your audience, increase engagement, foster patron loyalty and more. Originally presented as a seminar at the Arts NW Booking Conference in Tacoma, WA Oct 2013. […]

Podcast: Spike speaks with Eric Guerin about the stagecraft of flying actors, and the safety concerns involved

I sat down today to talk with Eric Guerin, who’s a new member of our Client Services staff here at Arts People.  Eric comes to us from the Brighton Center where he was Theatre Director.  In his role there, he recently was part of the creative team of a production with high school students that involved flying […]

PODCAST: Spike interviews Sarah about lille aeske & boutique performance spaces

I sat down with Sarah Farrell Mackessy of our client services team to talk about her boutique performance space in Boulder Creek, CA. Originally a gallery to feature her husband’s woodworking business and skills combined with artist gallery space, lille aeske (little box) has quickly become a popular performing arts venue for live music with […]

Marketing segmentation – Increase sales with patron grouped communications

It’s proven that marketing communications need to be simple, clean, direct with a clear call to action. The days of sending out long email marketing messages that contain all the upcoming events at your performing arts organization are just not effective. Overwhelming your viewer leads to inaction. They simply stop reading and delete the email. […]