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Theatre has given me an extended family

Family, in traditional terms, are people that were given to us, that we did not choose. Friends are a family we choose for ourselves based in love, respect, and mutual interests. Theatre people are those who start out as working colleagues, people brought together for a temporary time to work, laugh, cry and expose our […]

An Actors Dilemma: Vulnerability versus Confidence

Being an actor can be tough.  The audition process often makes you feel like an object, being judged on your appearance, your voice, your talent, your experience… There’s so much rejection.  It can all lead to a great deal of insecurity and fear.  All this on top of the fact that most actors are already […]

“Magic If”… for the audience

As an actor, there are many tools from many different schools of acting for us to utilize, play with, keep in our toolbox or leave alone if that tool doesn’t resonate with us.  These tools help us to discover deeper aspects of the character, to tap into emotions needed to play the scenes, relate in […]