Overworked box officer - Arts People system to the rescue

Arts People’s built in automation lets you focus on your patrons and your art

Overworked box officer - Arts People system to the rescueThere’s never enough time to do everything you would like to do, or need to do, when you’re running the daily operations of a performing arts organization. Manpower is often slim. Pressure is high. Timelines are absolute. If only there was a way to use your time more effectively by setting things up in advance and then letting automation implement your strategy along the way.

Arts People, an industry leader since 2003 in integrated systems for the performing arts, has created a collection of automation tools that arts organizations rely on every day.  The software includes ticketing, fundraising, marketing, database CRM and reporting all in one easy to use system. It is designed to help the staff and board members of performing arts organizations to accomplish their goals through simple yet powerful tools that can be configured in advance to handle the details while enabling staff to focus on other things.  

Flexible scheduling of on-sales

When building a season or individual shows into the system in advance, dates can be set to enable your entire season to go on sale at once, or you can stagger on-sales for individual shows.  Also, the system can be configured to allow advance purchase to subscribers, or to special groups by sending them a non-public link to access purchase before the public sale date.  

Create urgency with time sensitive offers

The pricing system in Arts People is powerful, flexible, and one of a kind. Pricing rules can be configured with specific trigger on/off dates, or set based on hours prior to a performance. So you can automatically enable and disable dynamic pricing, discount offers, coupon codes, membership pricing and more.  At any time, pricing can be increased or decreased with ease, by single performance, by day of the week, by show or for a group of performances or shows.  Flexibility is an understatement with the Arts People pricing engine, and the client services staff is ready to help at any time.  

Simple reserved order confirmations

Unlike many ticketing systems, Arts People has reservation tools to create orders pending later payment. Automatic email confirmation is sent to the buyer so they can pay later online, or cancel the order if they wish. You can also easily send reminder emails with just a couple clicks, or cancel reservations with the same ease.  It’s a great way to offer flexibility and great customer service to your patrons, handle larger group orders, or accept payment for subscription packages at a later date.  

Ticket add-on up-selling

Arts People was the first to offer ticket add-on capabilities. Designed originally for dinner theatres with a need to have patrons select their meal choices during ticket purchase, this tool has been expanded and used creatively by clients to sell retail items, parking passes, flower bouquets for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s day and much more. Having the ability to up-sell during a ticket purchase can mean more revenue with ease.  Since patrons can do this all self-serve via the online interface, or with a box officer on the phone, it also means less time needed handling these details later, and less potential unsold items and waste.  Just print a report before the performance and have everything ready to go.  

Automatic ticket reminders with partner offers

Communication is key to strong relationships and confidence with your theatre audience applauding - successful customer service via ticketing system automationpatrons. The Arts People system comes with tools to automatically send ticket reminders to buyers ahead of their performance date.  This email, like most of our system, is easily customizable.  Use it to expand on the reminder to inform patrons about nearby restaurants that might partner with you on a discount offer. Patrons will appreciate guidance to parking options as well.  Also, add details about your upcoming events so they can consider buying more tickets.  

Follow up emails after the performance are simple to generate as well.  It’s a great opportunity to extend a share pricing discount offer, ask patrons to complete a short questionnaire, or to look forward to the next event.

Print at home tickets with cross promotions

Following the patron’s smooth online ticketing experience, they can specify their ticket delivery option including print at home custom tickets.  Arts People’s ticket designs are the most highly configurable in the industry, with space for sponsor logos, a venue map, upcoming events list, coupons and more.  Even post performance discussions and other details can be featured.  Building on the excitement about their upcoming show can be the ideal time to communicate with your buyers about additional events or details.  Sponsors love the exposure, and recognize the benefits of partnering with you. The details of these tickets change dynamically based on the venue, show purchased and more.  

The easy to use system and built in automation, along with the friendly arts-based support staff, have made Arts People the preferred option for performing arts organizations across the USA and Canada.  Our team helps clients at every turn to use the software to their full advantage.   Since they have worked in the arts and know the needs of the organizations using the platform, clients speak of our customer service as the best they have ever experienced, anywhere.  With integration and high flexibility within the software, the team often consults with clients on new ways to accomplish their goals, and helps them every step of the way to make their operations run smoothly and efficiently.


Patrick Spike - Marketing Director of Arts PeoplePatrick Spike is the Marketing Director, system expert, and one of the original architects of the  Arts People software system, with over 30 years in performing arts creation and administration.  His work with clients has helped them to increase their revenue while streamlining their box office and back office operations. www.patrickspike.com
Arts People, software for the performing arts, serves theatres, music and dance groups, choirs and opera, high school, college and university programs, performing arts center facilities and more.  

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