“O for a Muse of fire, that would ascend. The brightest heaven of invention”


Street art electrifies an alley, a building, a walk in the city. This piece is by Anarkia, Flantl, and Belin. It can be found in Linares, Spain. For more jaw-dropping street art around the world start by visiting the Street Art Utopia site online.


The Whiteman Brothers are independent filmmakers in Portland, Oregon. Childhood Machine, their latest full-length film is funny, strange and mind-bendingly wonderful.


An up and coming photographer we love on Instagram is @Megaguire. His photography is a careful, deep appreciation of the vibrant, wild, natural world and urban world. Check him out. He is also our own Greg Meguire in UI/UX.


Malvina Reynolds was a prolific songwriter and widely admired by her folk music peers of the 60’s. Popularized somewhat by the TV show WEEDS, we wanted to highlight a favorite called Magic Penny and its wise message: “Love is something if you give it away, give it away…”


The late Octavia Butler wrote brilliant, harrowing stories of people forced into conflict with their own essential natures; who must compromise to survive, and in surviving, thrive, and eventually triumph…which brings its own compromises in turn. In a field dominated by white men, Butler, a black woman, stood tall.


Phoebe Wellington serves up some English lady realness in her finery while wishing you a Happy Birthday or allowing us to witness her first experience with online shopping. The art of drag has been inspiring us and bringing us much joy. Phoebe out of drag is our very own, Patrick Spike.