Arts People Joins Neon One

Dear Blog Reader,

I’m Heather Blackbird, General Manager at Arts People. I founded Arts People with my partner Ness Blackbird in 2006. I’m writing with momentous news about our company and the impending revolution for nonprofits coming your way as we gain momentum with our new partners at Neon One.

Until choosing to join forces with the Neon One ecosystem we had been holding fast as a mom and pop shop in the “how the hell are these guys pulling this off?” category of ticketing and database solutions for nonprofit arts organizations in the US and Canada. Since opening our doors, we have gone toe-to-toe with much larger companies and won out as the provider of integrated ticketing and world class service to nonprofits arts groups from school plays to symphonies. In that time, we have helped organizations sell 30 million tickets and processed more than $250 million in donations.

We started Arts People with a mission to make it possible for ticket sellers to manage their data, fundraise, track marketing, sell workshops and classes and run their reports all in one place. This kind of integrated ticketing model was a novel concept in those days and was only available to the highest paying customer and it left all the other small and midsized organizations in the dust. We aimed to change that, and we did.

Joining with Neon One allows us to take that vision of extending integrated services even further. We will be among nonprofit technology providers that truly understand the need for fundraising and customer relationships and how crucial it is for nonprofits to have allies in their work with technology. The partnership also allows us to focus in on the stronger aspects of our system and open the door for our clients to added services.

The mission of Neon One is to create an ecosystem of services for nonprofits with a level of fluidity we are all ready for. As early adopters of the integrated model, this is a dream come true for us and for our clients. Yet, integrated ticketing is only the beginning.

Any company’s success is grounded in how well people can work together. With the collective expertise and the alignment with the mission of doing good, Neon One is already making a profound impact on how technology and nonprofits work together.

I am filled with gratitude for the team I will continue to work with and for the creative client community we have brought onboard to use our platform. Bringing them into a broader community of like-minded business people gives me a great feeling of peace. There are a lot of competitors out there that are missing the ingredient of company culture, client understanding, and focus on integrating client tools. We waited to find a group to work with that understood these key elements.

Arts People has evolved from a mom and pop shop into part of something with a larger community of providers all leveraging our industry knowledge, strength, and shared vision of care toward Neon One’s mission.